Tangent Success Stories


Isaac Mung, 24

Macro Strategy Analyst, Dymon Asia
Partner, Pisti Prints
Corporate Strategy, Code Gakko

“Don’t be worried or scared about your educational background, or whether you are too old or too young. What’s most important is your attitude and how you treat and interact with other people.” 


Guan Leong, 48

PhD in Chemistry & Former Lecturer,
National Technological University

“I’ve always been interested in the Financial markets and I believe a large part of my training is applicable. But who will give someone who has no experience a chance. This seven-month recruitment experience with Tangent for this Dymon post is probably one of the most intensive I’ve been through and certainly one of the most meaningful.”


Taufik, 30

Institute of technical Education and
Polytechnic Graduate

“I don’t even have a degree but today, I start my one-year programme to prove myself as well as to repay the faith the company has in the Tangent way of hiring. I took the same online assessment like everyone else. Being able to go through the whole process and being here today, I feel confident that I can do it.”

Danny Yong

Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer,
Dymon Asia Capital

“I’m excited about the eight Tangent Apprentices who took career risk to jump at an opportunity to work at Dymon Asia Today. I am certain that had we used the traditional resume-based hiring method, we would not have found these candidates. I’m hopeful for many more batches of Tangent Apprentices in years to come..” 

Gerard Tong

Principal, EpiTrain Pte Ltd

“Been really impressed with this group of Tangent Apprentices. I’ve conducted many of these Financial Markets programmes for over a decade and for a class with such diversity of age and experience, some with no financial markets background at all, these Tangents are quite something. They have the hunger and right attitude to learn.”

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